The popular percussion sessions for RWMF audience to participate in is on every evening.

1DRUM & friends are back with the theme – EVERYONE CAN DRUM!

Facilitator, Shameer Bakhda is joined by Emcee Nipun aka MC-NC, Bhindee from Dhol Alliance, Hisha (Rudy) from White Percussion Unit and multi-instrumentalist Firlany Malik.

Also back by popular demand – the fantastic Varun Venkit of Taal Inc. from India.


More Performers

RWMF2019 ana alcaide

Ana Alcaide (Spain)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
Ana Alcaide, from Toledo researches ancient traditions and cultures. She brings to the Rainforest World Music Festival her new LEYENDA set, which was on the Top 10 World Music Charts…

Mauravann (Mauritius)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
Made up of four well known artists from Mauritius, Linzi Backbotte, Emmanuel Desroches, Kurwin Castel and Samuel Dubois, MAURAVANN was put together by artistic director, Percy Yip Tong, in 2016…

Mehdi Nasouli (Morocco)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
MEHDI NASSOULI has been learning to play many different traditional instruments of Morocco since he was a child being fascinated with the gnawa rhythms and trance from his family, Malhoune…

Spirit Of The Hornbill (Indonesia)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
Siti Habibah and Apriyadi started to teach Dayak traditional dance at an elementary school in Palangka Raya.  This has grown into an intensive training academy where they now teach the…

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