WAI are inspired by their ancestors and people like KUPE,  a legendary figure that features prominently in the mythology and oral history of the Maori.

They create a minimalist but powerful acoustic performance.

Mina and Maaka Phat were the founders of the group  and their intention is not just to give performances on Maori culture, but to communicate and connect through their symbols and spiritual depths that is universal to humankind.

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Mauravann (Mauritius)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
Made up of four well known artists from Mauritius, Linzi Backbotte, Emmanuel Desroches, Kurwin Castel and Samuel Dubois, MAURAVANN was put together by artistic director, Percy Yip Tong, in 2016…

Macka B (UK / Jamaica)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
A Rastafarian with political consciousness and songs devoted to spiritual and social messages, MACKA B’s rough and gravely vocals are an instantly identifiable sound. He has had many songs over…

Druk Folk Musician (Bhutan)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
Bhutan ‘s unique culture has remained largely intact because of its isolation from the rest of the world. Perched on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, their traditions are deeply…
RWMF2019 ana alcaide

Ana Alcaide (Spain)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
Ana Alcaide, from Toledo researches ancient traditions and cultures. She brings to the Rainforest World Music Festival her new LEYENDA set, which was on the Top 10 World Music Charts…

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