WAI are inspired by their ancestors and people like KUPE,  a legendary figure that features prominently in the mythology and oral history of the Maori.

They create a minimalist but powerful acoustic performance.

Mina and Maaka Phat were the founders of the group  and their intention is not just to give performances on Maori culture, but to communicate and connect through their symbols and spiritual depths that is universal to humankind.

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Ha Noi Duo (Vietnam)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
These two Vietnamese musicians were raised with very different paths in their music journey. They come together to present the soul of Vietnam by combining the roots and future of…


| 2019, Performers | No Comments
The popular percussion sessions for RWMF audience to participate in is on every evening. 1DRUM & friends are back with the theme – EVERYONE CAN DRUM! Facilitator, Shameer Bakhda is…
RWMF2019 TRAD.ATTACK! - PubPhoto10 (Mait Jüriado)

TRAD.ATTACK! (Estonia)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
TRAD.ATTACK! is an irrepressible trio – in personality, as well as in their music. Their music , as inventive and as ambitious as they can be. In a few years,…

Staak Bisomu (Sarawak, Malaysia)

| 2019, Performers | No Comments
STAAK BISOMU come from Kampong Atas Singai in Bau, Sarawak. They are from the Bidayuh community aged between 19 to 50 years old. Their old rituals and ways are still…

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