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Led by Guru Shiromong Sangtam, an expert on indigenous construction and craftsmanship, this cultural troupe showcases the rich ancestral traditions of the Sangtam Nagas.

Sangtams are one of the major Naga ethnic groups. The Naga people are an umbrella ethnic group who live in India and Myanmar. Their mountainous habitat lies in the eastern Himalayas.

They have an egalitarian society. The village, a closely knit unit, consists of intermarried households of different clans.

Like the Borneo tribes, they used to be head hunters. Like in Borneo, they have hornbills. Their folk songs and dances are passed down through oral traditions.

They have numerous traditional festivals where the tribes get together in a celebration of dance and music.

The SANGTAM NAGA bring a glimpse of their wonderful culture to the Rainforest World Music Festival.

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