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As a first time attendee at the Rainforest world music festival 2017, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a cultural world music scene. However, the music, ambiance, vibrancy and the lively crowds totally sold me on the RWMF in Kuching this year. So much so that I wanted to share the awesomeness of this event with all my readers.

This unique and interesting music festival brings indie musicians with their ‘rarely heard of’ indigenous instruments, from remote parts of Borneo and the world into the limelight. With performers from Cape Verde, Tahiti, Mongolia, Guinea, Spain, Hungary, China and more.. you can enjoy a world of cultural and musical experiences as well as interactive workshops, local cuisines and even souvenirs.

RWMF hashtag

Loved their hashtags all around Kuching and at the venue!

RWMF has been going on for 20 long years so they are obviously doing something right. With an attendance of over 20,000 music and festival lovers this year, it was bigger and better than ever before.

Its pretty apparent that I have not just one but seven reasons for you to visit this musical extravaganza so without further ado, here goes.

1 Why You Must Attend the Rainforest World Music Festival

1.1 Rainforest Ambiance

1.2 Traditional Music

1.3 Wellness Workshops

1.4 Learn to Play Indigenous Instruments or Sway to Them

1.5 Making Dying Traditions Trendy and Fun

1.6 Local Cuisine to Tantalize your Taste Buds

1.7 International Audience

2 Video of walking around the Rainforest world music festival 2017

3 Official Promo video for RWMF2017

4 Practical Tips for RWMF goers

5 Booking info for RWMF

6 Where to Stay if you are attending RWMF

7 How to Reach RWMF

Reasons to Attend the Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching, Sarawak

Dancing in the rain at RWMF

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