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Rhythm Rebels feat. Selonding Bali Aga

Rhythm Rebels featuring:-


Selonding Bali Aga


Rhythm Rebels are powered by Reza Achman on drums and Rizal Hadi on the Bamboo Didgeridoo, Bamboo Upright Bass, Synth, and many more. Based in Ubud, Bali, the duo combined musical forces to conceptualize their unique blend of energetic roots music. The eclectic rhythms are a powerful and raw combination of different sounds, including drum & bass, DubStep, Deep House, with Ethnic fusion. Using primarily organic instruments such as real Drum Kits like Beat Keeper and rhythm, Didgeridoo for bass and synthesizer sound, Trutruka for Brass Sections, and many more instruments; Rhythm Rebels create a powerful beat with moments of pure tension that is irresistible for listeners to move along and dance to. Rhythm Rebels have been playing in many festivals around the world, including Java Jazz Festival, Ulsan World Music Festival in Korea, Wild Mint Festival in Russia, Udaipur World Music Festival in India, Bali Spirit Festival, and many more.


Gamelan Selonding is a traditional Balinese musical instrument that is older than other gamelans now popular in art and used in traditional and religious ceremonies. This gamelan is a sacred instrument used to complete religious ceremonies in Bali. Selonding Bali Aga is the last generation that still plays and nurtures this sacred Gamelan

The idea to collaborate these two different styles of music, blending modern and traditional, is to create a unique new sound while preserving the traditional music played in innovative ways.

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