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Dato Zainal Abidin

Zainalabidin, renowned locally and internationally for his unique musical style. In every songs created by Zainalabidin, there is always the message and the obvious presence of his love for humanity and the environment through his lyrics . 

With the popularity of his songs like Hijau, which is still on air until today, Zainalabidin has become an icon of p reserving the environment .

  • Birth date : 04.11.1959 
  • Age : 58 YRS. OLD 
  • Hair Color : BLACK 
  • Eye Color : BLACK 
  • Height : 163 CM 
  • Weight : 70 KG 
  • Waist : 32 CM
  • 1986  

Golden Kite World Song Festival The Young Talented Artiste Award 

  • 1991  

Seri Angkasa Award 

Most Popular Artiste 

Most Popular Male Singer 

  • 1992  

Tokyo Music Festival  

Gold Award 

  • 1995  


Best Album

  • 1997  


Best Entertainer 

  • 2007 


Best Vocal 

Best Musical Arrangement 

  • 2010 


Anugerah Planet Award 

  • 2013 




Music Legend Award

  • IKHLAS / A GIFT FROM THE HEART is a program designed by Zainalabidin to  show love and care towards children as they strive through their lives without  proper food, shelter and love from their family. A Gift from the Heart is created  to allow the public participating to extend their arms to these children. 
  • A program like this has moral values which can create an emotional place in  the hearts of children who have the void of emotion bonding within the  confined of a family and surrounding environment. We hope to provide them  with something to remember when we the community reaches out and touch their heart. 
  • Zainalabidin who is known for being a kind hearted a caring role  model to many Malaysian would like the help of the corporate world to aid him in his quest to bring love, joy and hope to children who have been so very cruelly been abandoned.
  • Life is a journey and through this journey there are times when such a gift  brings more value to a person then financial profit. We take from Mother  Nature; we take from corporation deemed as financial gain, we take for  granted the many riches we seem to collect on our journey through life, now  its time to give back to the future of our planet.
  • As Zainalabidin begins this quest, we hope that you will join him in giving a  genuine gift from the heart.
  • Malaysian Tour ’91 His first tour as a solo artiste during the launch of his debut album “Zainal Abidin”.
  • Womad ’92 Yokohama An invitation to Womad’92 took Zainal to the city port of Yokohama where his sterling performance led to an overwhelming response from the Japanese audience.
  • Japan Tour ’92 Zainal was again invited to Japan for a second tour which covered five cities and ended with a performance for the media at Club Quattro, Tokyo. Again his performance brought accolades from local media.
  • Ikhlas Concert ’92 Roslan Aziz Productions staged the Ikhlas concert’92 at the Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on 25th December  The stadium was filled to its capacity of 45000.
  • Orak Arek Concert ’93 Another highly successful concert by Zainalabidin at the stadium for the  launch of his album “Orak Arek.”
  • Shirataka Music Festival Japan ’93 The overwhelming response to Zainal in 1993 led to another invitation to  perform there in the middle of ’95.
  • Midem-Cannes Music Festival ’95 Zainal gave a spectacular performance in France in Feb’95 during which, he was interviewed together with Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin’s  vocalist) in a live telecast by the BBC, This reflects the stature accorded to Zainal in the international music industry.
  • Midem Asia-Hong Kong Music Festival ‘ 95 Seymour Stein (Madonna) from Elektra Records flew in from the States to watch Zainal perform in Hong Kong.
  • Shirataka Music Festival Japan ’95 This performance was telecasted live on Asia Live NHK throughout the region. The  intensive airplay for Zainalabidin’s songs in Japan indicates that ‘Afro-Asian’ music is  rousing the Japanese in rising numbers and his performances in Japan were widely  covered by the media.
  • Asian Music Festival Fukuoka In May 1996, Zainal was invited to represent Malaysia and perform in Fukuoka where a host of Asian Artiste performed to the troughs of Japanese fans. The concert was televised locally as well as regional networks.
  • Asian Fantasy Orchestra Tokyo 1996 The Asian Fantasy Orchestra is primarily a Japanese showpiece with Japanese artiste and musicians performing on tour. They normally invite performers from the host country where they perform to participate in the event. But to be invited to sing in Japan is an honor bestowed only to a selected few.
  • Salem Concerts At the end of August 1996, Zainal began his Malaysian tour beginning with Penang,  followed by other major towns in the country.
  • Asian Music Scene Manila In October 1996, Zainal was invited to perform in Manila in the Asian Music Scene. He was the only Malaysian artiste selected to represent the country. It is not surprising that the music loving country of Philippines is able to recognize the great talent we know in Zainal.
  • Langkawi International Festival of Arts. Under the patronage of our Prime Minister Y.A.B. Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the organizers of this prestigious event had invited several renowned artistes from Australia, France, Africa and Malaysia to the island of Langkawi in December 1996. Among the main performers were Richard Clayderman, and Malaysia was represented by The National Philharmonic Orchestra and Zainalabidin.
  • ZAINALABIDIN & MLAYSIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA 2016 Zainalabidin performed for 2 nights with 100 piece Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • MUSIC FOR MERCY– Roman Forum / Opera Romana 2016 Zainal was invited to perform with Teatro dell’ Opera di Roma alongside with world renowned singer,Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Elaine Paige, Kinan Azmeh, carly Poli and  The Tenor staging at the world heritage archaeological site,  Roman Forum, Italy.
  • THE MUSICAL JOURNEY OF ZAINALABIDIN – 35TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT The Musical Journey of Zainalabidin concert celebrates Zainal’s involvement of over 3 decadesin the music industry featuring Headwind original band members. This concert is celebrating the immense support he  has received from his loyal and devoted fans in Malaysia.
  • In 2007, he organized a coral reef conservation  awareness and he had planted lots of coral in Perhentian Island which has been documented by Majalah Tiga. 
  • He has done a documentary for Discovery  Channel on turtles rehabilitation. 
  • He has done lots of tree planting at various  commercial areas for environment campaign for  public awareness events at Zoo Negara. 
  • He has supported lots of corporate companies that are focusing on going green.
  • He was on tour as a motivational spoke person for Berita Harian last year to share his experience and talked about the environment to  primary, secondary, colleges and universities  students.
  • He was on tour as a spoke person for Honda on Save the Rhino campaign. 
  • He was on tour as a spoke person with Canon  Goes Green. 
  • He is the Ambassador for folk songs under Ministry  of Art, Culture & Heritage. 
  • He attended and planted trees for Earth Day 2010  at KL Tower. 
  • He did an environmental campaign for ‘Save The Forest’ with the residence of Kota Damansara in 2010.
  • Dato’ Sri Rais Yatim has designated Zainalabidin as  an ambassador for Ministry of Culture, Arts &  Heritage to preserved the follk songs which Zainal has toured throughout Malaysia as a motivational  speaker to schools, colleges and universities about  preserving our heritage.
  • In 2009, Zainalabidin performed in Zaragoza, Spain and Amsterdam, Europe representing Ministry of  Culture, Art and Heritage 
  • In 2012, he organized The Legendary concert in  Johor, Sabah, Penang and Kuala Lumpur featuring Sheila Majid, Amy Search, Jamal Abdillah and  himself. 
  • 2015, he is actively running seminars and road tours  for a green campaign”Green Is A Lifestlye”  nationwide under the Ministry of Energy, Green  Technology and Water 
  • 2016 concert in Roman Forum 
  • 2017 Zainalabidin 35th Anniversary concert 2017 Zainalabidin will be organizing Kedah Green  Music Festival 
  • 2018 Zainalabidin is planning to record his international album in France with international  produners and musicians

“Environment, culture, heritage, children are his passion…… he believes and wants to give back to the community for future generation.”




ANGELINA ASMAWI – 019 – 2155455

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