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Krakatau Ethno



Founded in Bandung, West Java (Indonesia) in 1984, they made their 1st international debut at the Yamaha Band Explosion in Tokyo, Japan 1985.

Their music is very distinctive as it uses an ancient Gamelan tonal system called slendro, found in karawitan traditional music of Sundanese. Krakatau Ethno adapts western diatonic elements which is energized by modern feels of jazz, rock and pop fused with various ethnic rhythms from the music of Nusantara. Krakatau Ethno has released five phenomenal albums, Mystical Mist, Magical Match, Two Worlds ,Rhythm of Reformationand and Carita Sasalad. Krakatau’s latest album “Carita Sasalad” received the 2023 AMI Awards in the World Music category.

They have performed in many shows on five continents including North Sea Jazz FestivalNetherland, Montreux Jazz Festival-Switszerland, Sziget Festival Budapest-Hungary,

Vancouver Jazz Festival & Toronto Down Town Jazz Festival-Canada, Alkantara FestivalItaly, Midem (France), Jakarta International Jazz Festival-Indonesia, Rainforrest World Music Festival, Sarawak-Malaysia, Valencia Art Festival (Venezuela), Festival Cervantino (Mexico), Murcia Trees Culturas Festival (Spain), Lincoln Center Summer Jazz Festival New

York-USA & Twin Cities Jazz Festival Saint Paul-USA, MadaJazzCar AntananarivoMadagascar, Sydney Carnivale & Brisbane Jazz Festival NSW-Australia, as well as solo concerts at Beijing Concert Hall-China, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and many more.

Krakatau Ethno consist of:

Dwiki Dharmawan plays keyboards and micro tonal synthesizers and is also one of the founding members of Krakatau; he was classically trained at a young age and winner of the best keyboard player at Yamaha Band Explosion in Japan in 1985 and Asia Song Festival in The Phillipines 2000. He is also conductor and composer of the World Peace Orchestra. His solo career increased sharply after joining and releasing 4 albums with Moonjune Records New York: So Far So Close, Pasar Klewer, Rumah Batu and Hari Ketiga. In 2017 Dwiki received Gold Medal for Creativity from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).


Pra Budidharma graduated fine arts from University of Washington,Seattle, USA and plays guitar and fretless bass while working as a producer specializing in collaborating on Sundanese music. together with Dwiki Dharmawan, he is the foundation and very progressive thinker of Krakatau Ethno.

Nyak Ina Raseuki Ubiet Ph.D, maintains collaborations with composers of various genres as well as popular and traditional musicians throughout the Indonesian archipelago in a variety of performances and recordings. He completed his Master of Arts and Ph.D s in ethnomusicology from Wisconsin University in Madison-USA.

Dr Mohamad (Ade) Rudiana he completed a Bachelor of Karawitan at ISBI Bandung, a Master of Arts at ISI Solo and a Doctorate at ISI Jogyakarta. He is a virtuoso Sundanese Kendang maestro. Ade is also a lecturer at ISBI Bandung. Outside of Krakatau Ethno he leads a sophisticated percussion ensemble, IDEA Percussion.

Yoyon Darsono plays multiple instrument player. One of them is tarompet, a Sundanese double reed instrument which is a more brittle version of a clarinet. It is commonly associated with the traditional martial art known as pencak silat. Another is the suling or bamboo flute that comes in different lengths, as well as the rebab, West Javanese stringed musical instrument. Together with Mohamad Rudiana he provided many brilliant creative ideas developing traditional art for the works of Krakatau Ethno.

Zainal Arifin combines slendro and pelog bonang and saron which played in one set. He is also sophisticated improviser and high skilled gamelan player. Unfortunately, he is currently experiencing serious health problems, so in this event replaced by an equally skilled gamelan player, Tia Setiana.

Gerry Herb is a multi-genre drummer who is very experienced and has been accompanying Krakatau Ethno for more than 20 years. He is also Chief of Drums Department at the Farabi Music Education Center in Jakarta which is led by his musical friend, Dwiki Dharmawan. Currently, because he is being contracted to play music on a cruise ship, his position has been temporarily replaced by Budhy Haryono, a prominent drummer who is also one of the founders of Krakatau Ethno.

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