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Adrian G

Started his DJ career more than 30 years ago, Adrian G is one of the few remaining Malaysian DJ’s around that experienced the Retro / old skool RnB & Hip-Hop / Soul / New Jack Swing music revolution in Malaysia

Been performing at various venues in most major cities in Malaysia and regional countries since 1993. He landed his residency between 1995 to 1999 at one of the major party houses in Kuala Lumpur, Cafe Iguana back then.

He moved on from residencies to event oriented outfits while brushing up on his emcee skills & crafting his music skills for major event companies and agencies around the region where he customised his style of music to suit any event with a single mission,

to Entertain the Audience

Moving on with the digital era, he broadened his horizons to more music genres and has been frequently playing in clubs, private events , corporate events and festivals around Asia.

Adrian G also had the opportunity to open for International stars like Evanescence, LMFAO, Jessie J, Diana King, Colour Me Badd, Tevin Campbell, All 4 One and Fire House. He also had the opportunity to tour with Local talents as part of their performances.

Besides clubs and events he also involved in multiple local TV productions as a Production Manager and also worked on music programming and live TV shows. During the same time he had the opportunity to lead Monkey Bone, a recording label where he had great time producing and A&R for local talents.

He also had his own Radio Mixtape session in 2019 with KOOL FM where his show focus more on homegrown talents. He also released mixtapes for club promos and local movie soundtrack.

Currently, Adrian G tours with one of Asia’s most highly sought after Emcee & Host, Melvin Aeria for shows and perform his weekly Monday night residency at Wet Deck, W Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Next in the pipeline is his own music production house and Youtube Channel

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