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What’s the idea behind the Rainforest festival?

The festival was created 21 years ago with the objective of having an event in support of Sarawak Tourism Board’s objectives of promoting Sarawak as the region’s premier destination which emphasize on performing arts and the preservation of culture.

How do you see this festival as a good platform for various artists from across the world?

It provides an avenue not only for other International artists to perform but also for our local musicians to be a part of this International festival and share the International stage and interact with other musicians.

What’s your plan for the 2018 festival? Anything exciting you’d like to share?

This year is going to be another great year. We have expanded to the adjacent Damai Central and the whole area will be abuzz with a hive of activities. There will be something in store for everyone. For the children, for families. For the health & fitness conscious, there will be activities for them too. Its going to be an exciting festival this year and we have a great line up too. Its going to be an event not only to watch the performers but also to participate in the various activities. You have to be there to experience it.

How do you see India as a market to attract festival goers to your festival?

India is a market which has vast potential and it would be good to attract tourists through music. This year, we have bands from India performing at the festival and we hope that these musicians will tell their family and friends about the potential of Sarawak as a destination.

Your message to the readers

RWMF has been voted one of the 25 international festivals in the world by Songlines, a world music magazine based in UK. It has also been rated one of the best in the region. We invite all of you to be a part of this festival. It is an event not to be missed.

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