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Awakening of the Green Initiatives


Beyond the vivid musical performance and live events on stage, Rainforest World Music Festival 2018 seeks to enhance guests experience with a greener note.

Sarawak Tourism Board has been engaging with social enterprise, Biji-biji Initiative for sustainable event management since 2016. Together, we are taking the extra mile to incorporate green initiatives into various aspects of the international event, in alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals.



Sustainable Procurement
From the initial planning phase, the Board takes into consideration the supply chain and strive to source for alternatives and eco-friendly products. We are also cooperating closely with food and drinks vendors to select biodegradable tablewares and avoid disposable plates or cutlery made from Styrofoam.


Waste Management Strategy
Across the Sarawak Cultural Village, festival attendees will find bins with creative signages and posters that help to boost recycling efforts. In tandem with waste collection, we are also carrying out proper waste segregation especially for recyclables and food waste. Our trusted partner, Trienekens is handling the  treatments of recyclables and provisions of recycling facilities on site.


 Food Composting
Our mission is to keep RWMF organic waste and food scraps out of landfill by closing the loop. Biji-biji alongside with WormingUp, a Kuching-based social enterprise are collecting and channeling leftover food into compost bins. These organic materials will either be given to worm farm to make bio-protein or be donated to farmers for composting.


Got Banner? Upcycle It!
Biji-biji offers an ingenious solution to 2017’s festival banners – by channeling them away from landfill. They created beautifully designed tote bags for this year’s VIP gifts from those banners. To repeat the success, we shall be collecting RWMF 2018 banners for upcycling purposes post-event.


Volunteer & Green Ambassadors
For the last two years, we are able to synchronize waste management strategies across multiple waste stations by enlisting the help of local university students and mobilizing volunteers on the spot. We are proud to have these amazing green heroes spreading message on topics related to recycling and food waste composting and raising public awareness.


Let’s set the bar higher at RWMF 2018 and make zero waste a reality!


*Biji-biji Initiative is an award-winning social enterprise based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Biji-biji aims to inspire businesses to think and act sustainably,collaboratively, and constructively. Visit them at, and follow their activities on Facebook & Instagram.

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