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14 years! What a history! Created in July 1998 the RWMF is today much more than one simple festival! It knew naturally found its place in the heart of Borneo Island, and leaves us imagining all the possible ways to ensure people enjoy the world of music. The Festival is deeply established and proposes a dynamic program, open to the magic atmosphere of the world music.

In occasion of the RWMF 2011, a talent search will be launching (a search for local talents) orchestrated by Sara Urusharta and Sarawak Tourism Board.

A music contest, for artists from Sarawak and Sabah. The winner will be invited to play in RWMF 2011, side by side with internationals bands. Discovering and developing new artists, the festival can open doors for artists to connect with the public, managers, radio stations etc, this way creating a platform for local artists and as a result for the Sarawak culture.


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