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Oh well, today marks the final day of the Rainforest World Music Festival 2013 (RWMF 2013). It’s Sunday and we are still in the weekends, meaning that the day is still long and RWMF is far from over. As for me, today is more subtle and down low. The crowds are milder and clam. Not just that, as I walked by the souvenir booths around Sarawak Cultural Village I noticed that most of the T-shirts and some other limited edition stuffs were sold out or at least ran out of sizes. I remembered that day I was looking for some t-shirts and wanting to buy another piece of the Heineken’s limited edition RWMF 2013 singlet, but to my horror they’ve been sold out as early as the 2nd day of RWMF. I should’ve just buy it on the first day.


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