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Every year since its debut, Rainforest Music Festival (RWMF) thunders through the centre of the earth from its homebirth, Land of the Hornbills, and its dynamics resonate across world continents. Its seminal ideas and experiences have influenced the growth of some of its most current installations, which served to transition RWMF into the wild and theatrical experimentalist that it is today. Music festivals are often associated with larger than life venues and grandiose performances – set against the spectacular Mount Santubong, within a 124,000 sq-km land (Sarawak Cultural Village), a common concern amongst first timers is that they might not be able to truly experience RWMF. But the geniuses behind RWMF took advantage of the smaller venues (but no less accommodating) Lagenda Hall, Iban Longhouse and the theatre – all located within the compound of Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV).


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