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With its infinitely diverse range of acts, it’s no surprise that Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) continues to grow from strength to strength every year. Now already in its 16th year, RWMF once again made it, for four consecutive years, to Songlines’ 25 Best International Festivals and ranked #1 by TETO Music Magazine on its World Music Festival Roundup for Summer 2013. RWMF is undoubtedly one of Sarawak’s defining second quarter ever since its conception 16 years ago – first held in 2005, hosting such performers as Te Vaka (Samoa/New Zealand – 2004), Namgar (Mongolia – 2005), Peatbog Faeries (Scotland – 2006), and Shannon (Poland – 2005, 2007), the festival has blossomed into a larger than life and most anticipated music festivals in the world featuring the eclectic, cultural melting pot of traditional acoustic world instruments and experimental modern music, attracting hundreds of thousands of fans of all ages every year.


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