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At times, it is a series of random happenings that toss us from the everyday life to a totally unusual situation. A thin thread that binds words together to form sentences, and sentences to form proposals. With a bit of imagination, the step from proposal to action is short. So today, without any notice, as if by magic, I find myself transported from sitting at my desk in Krabi to sitting in the balcony of a hotel room in Damai, nearby Kuching in the Malaysian Borneo. I am looking at the bay, eyes fixed on a flat lazy sea, enjoying a cup of coffee and the sunset. The excuse, or rather the reason, is the Rainforest World Music Festival. While browsing the internet we come across this musical festival considered to be among the top 25 in the world. A chat with Thomas, only a short exchange of words, then an email sent to the organisers and it’s a done deal: in a short while we receive two media accreditation as reporter and photographer… not even the time to think twice, as the fate has already made ​​up its mind for us: are you ready? Let’s go.


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