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Kuching, March 21, 2012 – Sarawak Tourism Board today announced the winners of the T-Shirt design competition for Borneo Jazz and Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 held recently at tHE Spring Mall Kuching.

Two winners from LimKokWing University of Creative Technology, Kuching campus and three winners from UiTM Sarawak picked as the top-three design for each Borneo Jazz and RWMF. The winning design will be produced as official merchandise item for both upcoming music festivals.

At the T-shirt design presentation today in STB’s office, Dato’ Rashid Khan, STB’s Chief Executive Officer presented the Certificates of Appreciation to all five winners.

Ms Natasha Rusdy Wong from LimKokWing University won the 1st place top winning design for the Rainforest World Music Festival while Ms Nur Haziqah Hosni and Muhd Sukarno Abu Samah from UiTM Sarawak, respectively placed second and third. Borneo Jazz 1st place winning design won by Ms Nur Amalina Baharudean of UiTM Sarawak while Dexter Mawar of LimKokWing University won the second place. As the third place winner, Ms Nur Haziqah Hosni of UiTM Sarawak took the honours of winning both categories of BJ and RWMF. Complimentary tickets to both events were awarded to winning students.

1st place winner for RWMF design, Natasha Rusdy Wong of LimKokWing University said her design is based on music, conveying music and fun in a new way. “I wanted to show a new look, aspect and more modern and international elements into my design”, Natasha said. Nur Amalina Baharudean of UiTM Sarawak who won the 1st place for Borneo Jazz design is very proud of her inspirational artwork. Her design communicates the many colours of races in Malaysia who lives with prosperity in one country. Amalina said “This demonstrates well as bringing in the international elements of the event into one”.

The T-Shirt design competition recently was open to students from LimKokWing University of Creative Technology (LICT) and UiTM Samarahan (UiTM) with a total of 130 entries participating for the voting session. 62 design entries created for Borneo Jazz and 68 design entries for Rainforest World Music Festival design was created by undergraduate designers from both universities.

This is the second year the public were invited to vote for the winning design and votes were collated at voting session held recently at tHE Spring Mall.

Speaking at the event, Dato’ Rashid Khan said, “These two festivals have garnered much global acclaim, meaning that they are great occasions to showcase the best of what Sarawak has to offer the world as much as they are an opportunity for Sarawakians and the many visitors we expect to flock here to be part of a multi-cultural and musical extravaganza. And showcase we will, our endearing culture, our enduring heritage, our enchanting hospitality and our enriching creativity”.

According to Dato’ Rashid, STB is proud to be associated with such esteemed institutions such as LICT and UiTM as continuing to present great events to entertain and enthrall Malaysians and visitors from around the world. “I’m very impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and their creativity. Hopefully, this programme will help develop a group of young people with passion, ambition and creativity that will be very useful to them in the future and for Malaysia”, he continued.

The initiative was part of STB’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme in reaching out to students to assist in events organised by STB. Throughout the years, STB has recognised the talent of local university students to design T-shirts to be used at the events. STB is also continuing to work with other universities locally and abroad to expand its internship programme and is still providing volunteer opportunities at the two festivals to accord interested parties a truly memorable experience.

STB will also continue with the Internship Programme which integrates the student’s academic study with work experience in the areas of planning, event management, financial management, operations management and marketing management of the festival events organized by STB. The goal is to collaborate with academia as part of an industry advisory platform in enhancing the quality of graduates that is relevant to the need of the tourism industry. Currently, STB has accepted international students from NHTV Breda University, Netherlands, Toulouise University of France and Taylors University of Kuala Lumpur to name a few.


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Image 1 : Winners holding their winning design artwork together with Dato’ Rashid Khan (middle) and lectures from each Universities

Image 2: Winners from left, Dexter Mawar, Natasha Rusdy Wong, Dato Rashid Khan (STB CEO), Nur Amalina Baharudean, Nur Haziqah Hosni and Muhd Sukarno Abu Samah.

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Date: March 21, 2012

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