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Sarawakians had their say at the Borneo Jazz Festival (BJF) and Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) Official T-shirt Design Competition held at the Kuching Waterfront Godown Amphitheatre yesterday as they voted for their favourite T-shirt design to be produced as official merchandised items at both upcoming music festivals. The event was officiated by CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board (STB), Dato’ Rashid Khan.

The competition was open to undergraduates in Kuching and UiTM Samarahan (UiTM) submitted a total of 45 entries. This year’s competition marked the first time that the public were invited to vote for the winning design and the votes from today’s event will be collated together with the online voting which will closed at midnight on the 27 March. Voters may log on for details. The voters will also stand to win lucky draw prizes in the form of tickets to the festivals. Certificates and tickets to both events were also awarded to participating students.

Speaking at the event, Dato’ Rashid Khan, CEO of STB, said, “These two festivals have garnered much global acclaim, meaning that they are great occasions to showcase the best of what Sarawak has to offer the world as much as they are an opportunity for Sarawakians and the many visitors we expect to flock here to be part of a multi-cultural and musical extravaganza. And showcase we will, our endearing culture, our enduring heritage, our enchanting hospitality and our enriching creativity.”

“The t-shirt design competition represents the opportunity for bright, creative minds to share their vision and inspiration to convey Sarawak’s rich cultural identity to a worldwide audience at the two festivals. STB is proud to be associated with UiTM as we continue to present great events to entertain and enthrall Malaysians and visitors from around the world.  I’m very impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and their creativity! Hopefully, this programme will help develop a group of young people with passion, ambition and creativity that will be very useful to them in the future, and for Malaysia”, he continued.

This initiative is also part of STB’s CSR programme in reaching out to students to assist in events organised by STB. Just last week an MOU was signed between STB and Taylor’s University in Kuala Lumpur (KL) to champion youth development which will see students of Taylor’s University in KL helping to promote the festival prior to the event, assisting with ticket sales and also helping out at the festivals whilst picking up invaluable learning in real-world scenarios at these world-class events.

Throughout the years, STB has recognised talents of local university students to design t-shirts to be used at the events. STB is also continuing to work with other universities locally and abroad to expand the internship programme and is still providing volunteering opportunities at the two festivals to accord interested parties a truly memorable experience.

The BJF and RWMF have over the years become a worldwide phenomenon and are a testament to how far Malaysia has come in attracting the world’s best performers.  Just recently, the Rainforest World Music Festival was again voted one of the 25 best international festivals by Songlines Magazine for 2011, a second year running, and it also ranks amongst the top five music festivals in Asia according to a review of global festivals by ContentCreatorZ, a content developers’ collective.

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Date : March 25, 2011


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