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The popular percussion sessions for RWMF audience to participate in is on every evening.

1DRUM & friends are back with the theme – EVERYONE CAN DRUM!

Facilitator, Shameer Bakhda is joined by Emcee Nipun aka MC-NC, Bhindee from Dhol Alliance, Hisha (Rudy) from White Percussion Unit and multi-instrumentalist Firlany Malik.

Also back by popular demand – the fantastic Varun Venkit of Taal Inc. from India.


More Performers


WAI (New Zealand)

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WAI are inspired by their ancestors and people like KUPE,  a legendary figure that features prominently in the mythology and oral history of the Maori. They create a minimalist but powerful acoustic performance. Mina and Maaka Phat were the founders of the group  and their intention is not just to…
RWMF2019 SEDAA - PubPhoto1 by JoTitze-2

Sedaa (Iran / Mongolia)

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Persian music connects with traditional Mongolian music to make an extraordinary and fascinating sound. Master singers Nasaa Nasanjargal and Naraa Naranbaatar together with virtuostic Dulcimer player Ganzorig Davaakhuu, and multi-instrumentalist Omid Bahadori will transport you into the exotic world between the Orient and Mongolian steppe, Their music comes from natural…
RWMF Duplessy and the Violins of the World ft Guo Gan Jun2019

Duplessy & The Violins Of The World ft. Guo Gan (France, China, Mongolia, Sweden)

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Four soloists. Four Cultures. Four instruments. Four temperaments. Mathias Duplessy, Guo Gan, Naraa Puredorj and Aliocha Regnard  come together to create a dazzling and emotive display of stories and landscapes spanning  the East and West. They will do two different sets at the Rainforest World Music Festival – “Marco Polo”…

Suk Binie’ (Sarawak, Malaysia)

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Winners of the Waterfront Music Festival 2017, Suk Binie’ are 7 musicians from Bau. They play arrangements of traditional melodies from the ethnic communities of the Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu.

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