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The popular percussion sessions for RWMF audience to participate in is on every evening.

1DRUM & friends are back with the theme – EVERYONE CAN DRUM!

Facilitator, Shameer Bakhda is joined by Emcee Nipun aka MC-NC, Bhindee from Dhol Alliance, Hisha (Rudy) from White Percussion Unit and multi-instrumentalist Firlany Malik.

Also back by popular demand – the fantastic Varun Venkit of Taal Inc. from India.


More Performers


La Chiva Gantiva (Colombia)

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La Chiva Gantiva plays music without borders – they are genre bending and adventurous, they will make you dance , jump or mosh with their original combination of rock, funk, hip hop and punk with Colombian rhythms. Originally formed by three Colombian immigrants, they are now a global band with…

Mauravann (Mauritius)

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Made up of four well known artists from Mauritius, Linzi Backbotte, Emmanuel Desroches, Kurwin Castel and Samuel Dubois, MAURAVANN was put together by artistic director, Percy Yip Tong, in 2016 to showcase the music of the islands of South West Indian Ocean. Their repertoire is based on Sega and its…

Rajery (Madagascar)

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He is called the Prince of the Valiha. Malagasy songwriter and singer, Germain Randrianarisoa, known as RAJERY, is a virtuoso on this emblematic instrument of Madagascar – an instrument that is part zither, part lute. RAJERY is promoting “Mokiza Miaina” or the Live Music of Madagascar. He has been performing…

Sangtam Naga (Nagaland, India)

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Led by Guru Shiromong Sangtam, an expert on indigenous construction and craftsmanship, this cultural troupe showcases the rich ancestral traditions of the Sangtam Nagas. Sangtams are one of the major Naga ethnic groups. The Naga people are an umbrella ethnic group who live in India and Myanmar. Their mountainous habitat…

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