Unique Arts, officially known as Unique Arts Academy (UAA in short) was founded in 1994 in Peninsular Malaysia. Unique Arts offers variety of courses both in classical dance and music; the aspiration of the academy is to conserve the ancient indian Arts, Culture, Tradition, Heritage as well as the Performing Arts for future generations. Later, an Indian Folk band was formed playing various drums of india like Thappu, a Big Bass drum, Kottu, Chimta, the energetic and vibrant sound of the Urumi, traditional bell, Ganjira, Udukku & Harmonium. The musicians sometimes dances while playing the instruments and mostly accompanied by folk dancers and singers. We have intentionally adopted the U-Bass / Bass Guitar and the Keyboard which gives additional kick & flavor for the ensemble & audience.

Unique Arts band have repeatedly performed at various festival namely International Folklore Festival, World Harvest Festival, and few other prestigious show for the Ministry of culture and Arts Malaysia. In 2015 UAA won the 1st prize in the drum competition organized by Ministry of Youth and gained a lot of recognitions and fame to the academy.

About the South Indian Folk Drums

The South Indian Folk Drums is mixture of various percussion. The performers dance to the captivating drum beats. The specialty of these folk dance is the dancers also acts as a musician and dance for his/her own music. Folk Drums performances are held at every local festivals and other celebrations of villages of Tamil Nadu, South India. The booming sound of the Folk Drums providing a distinct musical phrase and the beat of the hand drum giving the rhythm, dancers go with the order of succession in this folk dance form. The performance is so captivating that the audience mesmerized by the drum beat and intricate steps of the dancers. In the ancient days, this instrument was used as a communication mechanism to convey messages to people.

Unique Arts is ready to rock the Rainforest World Music Festival 2016.
We, as borderless Malaysians of Indian origin proudly bringing the rich art; all the way from THE NCREDIBLE INDIA to the world renowned JUNGLE STAGE at the foothills of Mount Santubong, the one and only Amazing SARAWAK CULTURAL VILLAGE.

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