Torgeir Vassvik is an artist from Sápmi’s northernmost tip, Gamvik in Norway, whose shamanistic vocal and percussion rituals draw their strength and profundity from the extreme polar climate and landscape.  The soundscapes he creates perfectly capture the rugged and extraordinary beauty of this landscape, combining traditional Sami joik and resonant throat singing, he updates mystic musical techniques for the 21st century.

A fortunate combination of elements from east and west.  ‘It is dark as asphalt, light as the sun and goes straight through you.’ one critic declared Vassvik has brought the sounds of northern Norway to audiences across the world, performing in France, Poland, Estonia, Japan, Hungary, England, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Lituania, Russia, Siberia, Belgium and Iceland.

So comrades the joik story continues. Go on and on and on and on… – “Torgeir Vassvik is a magnetic and individual live performer, among the most fascinating and intense of sami contemporary joikers. A true orginal.”- Andrew Cronshaw-fRoots

Torgeir Vassvik

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