The Thunder Beats Of Nanyang Wushu Drums was launched by Nanyang Wushu Federation Of Sarawak on 1 May 1993 at 2.00pm at Sarawak Plaza in conjunction with the Nanyang Wushu Festival. It was originally called “The Thunder Beats Of Nanyang Wushu 12 Drums”.

The performance of this new item comprises of twelve drums which represents the twelve months of a year.

Nowadays, more than 12 drums are being used at the request of the event organisers. Twelve different rhythm of drum beats are being used in the performance to represent the twelve months of a year instead of using the 12 drums. The names of the drum beats are as follows:

January Drum Beat Ten Thousand Folds Of Profit
February Drum Beat Good Things Come In Pairs
March Drum Beat Good Things Come in Three
April Drum Beat Prosperity in Four Seasons
May Drum Beat Five Happiness
June Drum Beat Smooth Sailing
July Drum Beat Strong-Willed Spirit
August Drum Beat Good Things Come Together at The Same Time
September Drum Beat Forever and Ever
October Drum Beat The Perfect Ten
November Drum Beat Full Of Returns
December Drum Beat Abundance in Every Year

This art which was choreographed by the Federation under the guidance of Grandmaster Prof. Dato Sri Dr. Song Swee Hee, aims to promote a new blend of cultures for Sarawak and to inculcate goodwill and unity among the people of a multi-racial society in the spirit of 1 MALAYSIA.

The Drum performance has been performed in several events such as The World Rainforest Music Festival 2001, Official Launching of the Sarawak Convention Bureau and many others government and non governmental functions which are too long to be mentioned.