Talago Buni was founded in 1998.  Starting point was the idea to develop contemporary music emerging from the music of the Minangkabau people, West-Sumatra.  This approach was a respond to the fast growing mass-culture pop music in the region.  The broad musical knowledge and skills of the founding members who all have a background of academical education in music led to the development of a distinct musical repertoire: Talago Buni is staging “new music” with a nonetheless typical Minangkabau sound.

There are generally three types of musical traditions in Minangkabau: the music from the highlands tends to be melancholic and even mystic, while the music from the west coast is more vivid and open to influences.  And there is the music connected to the religious culture of Islam. All three contribute to the richness and the strength of the music of Talago Buni.

The group started its career with a tour through Germany in 1999, including a concert at the “Tanz- und Folkfest” in Rudolstadt, Sacred Rhytm, Millenium Percussion Festival, Bali (2001), Bali World Music Festival Bali (2002), Solo International Ethnic Music, Solo (2007), Sawahlunto International Music Festival-SIMFes (2010 and 2013), etc.

Edy Utama  : Artistic Director

Muhammad Halim : Composer/players

Susandra Jaya  : Composer/players

Emri  : Players

Febrianti  : Players

Syafni Erianto : Players

Leva Khudri Balti  : Players

Shofwan : Players


Photo Gallery:

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