Born in 1953 in Germany, Stephan Micus made his first journey to the Orient at the age of sixteen. Fascinated by the variety of musical cultures around the world Micus has travelled in virtually every Asian and European country as well as in Africa and the Americas.

Studying with local master musicians he learned to play numerous traditional instruments, many of them unknown in the Western world. However, Micus‘ intention is not to play these instruments in a traditional  manner, but rather to develop the fresh musical possibilities which he feels are inherent in them. In many of his compositions, which he performs himself, he combines instruments that have never before been played together. The resulting dialogues further reflect his vision of a transcultural music. In addition to his exclusively acoustic instruments Micus also uses his voice. The words he sings do not, however, carry any known meaning. Only on ATHOS  and PANGIA did he set to music ancient Greek prayers to the Virgin Mary.


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