Son Yambu- red hot rhythms straight from the streets of Eastern Cuba.

Son Yambu play authentic ‘Son Cubano’ or Cuban son – the essential Afro-Cuban music that originated in the streets of eastern Cuba at the turn of the last century.  Son is a fusion of Spanish and African rhythms and is the root of all salsa music.  Formed in 2011, Son Yambu feature a new generation of (mainly) Cuban musicians who are all passionate about maintaining the traditions of the genre, continuing the Buena Vista legacy that put Cuban music back on the map in 1997.  Son Yambu have recently released their debut CD – ‘La Maravilla’.

On vocals, and minor percussion, Yuri is an accomplished international singer with a sparkling personality, having performed with the likes of Cachaito of the Buena Vista Social Club.  She is a born entertainer, and aficionados have likened her to a young Celia Cruz.  Also on vocals and percussion are Tony Danger and Jose Cascaret both wonderful ‘soneros’ from Santiago De Cuba. The brilliant Manuel Alejandro Tellez on trés and backing vocals is another high-class performer.

Yambu’s rhythm section boasts the extraordinary talents of Reynaldo Crespo on Guitar, Oscar Vazquez Romero on bass, Rene ‘Menique’ Savigne on congas and Toby Herschmann on timbales. They’re the force that drives the music along. And soaring above it all, there’s the trumpet of virtuoso Victor Hechevarria who has toured world wide with several renowned Cuban bands and is an ex-member of the Santiago Symphony Orchestra.

The band has a flexible line-up that can be tailored to match the occasion.  Playing as a traditional Cuban septeto, the band performs with 7 musicians – lead vocalist, trés (Cuban mandolin), guitar, bass, trumpet and two percussionists.  For smaller events the band can reduce in size and play acoustically, and for larger events, with additional brass and percussion, the band can play as a 10-piece.

Playing their irresistible tropical rhythms, they bring their audiences a truly sensational, authentic Latin-music experience, and their music is guaranteed to turn any event into a fiesta!

Most of the band members hail from Santiago De Cuba, the birthplace of Cuban son…. and have the effortless musicianship that comes from being to the manor born…..a set infused with rhythm changes and infectious melodies and grooves.  Son Yambu is the best band playing Cuban son.


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