Shangyin Chinese Chamber Music Ensemble:

Shangyin Chamber Orchestra was formed on Oct 2012. The idea came from their Singaporean music director Dr Tay Teow Kiat, during his visit to Kuching in Aug 2012.

It was found that, South East Asian Music has a very different music culture;  Malaysian and Indonesian , Thai , Burmese and etc. In Malaysia, the 13 states that make up the country, similarly have their own musical performance and their own unique instruments to present the different styles of music. In Sarawak, the most common instrument representing the state’s cultural musical instrument is “SAPEH”. Thus it began the idea of fusing Chinese tradition instrument with Sarawak’s. Subsequently, this led to the formation of the Shangyin Chamber Orchestra.

The Shangyin Chamber Orchestra had been invited by Shanghai Music Conservatory to join “The 8th National Music Performance by the Yangtze river delta region orchestra” which showcased performances by different groups from different countries and regions of China. The Orchestra received a “Special Performance Award” at this festival.  The group performed Malay Medley and Puteri Santubong during the showcase and all the pieces were arranged by members themselves.

On 27 Jan 2013, Shangyin Chamber Orchestra was invited by Singapore City Chinese Orchestra to perform at the latter’s concert in “SOTA (School of The Art, Singapore) concert hall.