Ryuz is a group which explores music transcending musical borders, and consists of three exciting Japanese musicians: Shigeri Kitsu, known for her original style of folk singing while accompanying herself on folk drum; superb tsugaru-shamisen (traditional string instrument) player Nobuto Yamanaka; and, Kazuki Kunihiro who gives the group an exceptional appeal with his highly original and imaginative cross-genre compositions. The repertoire consists of Japanese folk music in an original Ryuz style, as well as new compositions by Kunihiro.

The group made its debut under the name of Hidden Dragon in Uzbekistan in August 2011, when it participated in the International Sharq Taronalari Music Festival in Samarkand and received the Special Award for receiving the greatest support from the audience. The group also performed in Tashkent in Uzbekistan and Ashkhabad in Turkmenistan. In September 2013, the group performed in Thailand in both Bangkok and Phitsanulok, where they received critical acclaim.

The group changed its name from Hidden Dragon to Ryuz in July 2013.


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