Between the years of 1998-2008, Ainal Johari joined several well-established bands from Sarawak such as TUKU’ KAME’, TABUH PAK AINAL and JERRY KAMIT & FRIENDS to perform in the world-class Rainforest World Music Festivals.

His apprenticeship with these “world music” bands has enriched his experience and musical skills which he now brings with the introduction of his project band, the “RHYTHM OF BORNEO”.

RHYTHM OF BORNEO was originally formed in 2006 by existing “Kulintangan” musicians – Razali & Friends. This band featured a musical ensemble of Gongs and “Kulintangan” in which Razali successfully enrolled in the 2010 World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA), receiving the championship title under the Group category.

Following the competition, Razali envisioned changes within the band from the original Gong and “Kulintangan” musical ensemble into an Ethno Fusion group which infuses various types of music i.e. rock, funk, pop and jazz. In addition to this Razali also aimed to introduce traditional music to the young generation.

It is owing to this concept change that a shift in the band’s line up was envisioned and implemented. Succeeding the changes in music concept and band members, RHYTHM OF BORNEO have been actively featuring themselves around Semenanjung Malaysia. The band’s first performance featuring their new platform was at the opening “Sunset Concert” for the Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 after winning in the Rainforest Talent Search 2011.

Members of RHYTHM OF BORNEO earnestly aspire to bring their unique brand of music to an International stage with their participation in this festival.