The Carimbó is one of the rhythms from the Brazilian Amazonian Indians, however, as diverse other Brazilian cultural manifestations, it was mixed and received other influences, mainly African. Its name, in tupi (traditional language), mentions the drums that marks the rhythm. In the traditional form, it is played with “curimbó” a traditional instrument made with trunks of trees.

The group RAIZ DE CAFEZAL was born of the meeting of eight musicians from the Magalhães Barata city (162 km far from the capital City, Belém) where it is the Village of Coffee plantation. Town with about 3 thousand inhabitants, whose cultural landmark is the rhythm of Carimbó.

The founder of the “Raiz do Cafezal” is the composer and musician Flávio Monteiro (57), also known as Cizico. He plays percussion since he was 10 years; he also composes and makes de production of the traditional instruments called Curimbós, maracas and milheiros that pack the carimbó’s beat.

The art of confection of Curimbó, made of trunks of trees, is really old and  passes from father to son.

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