Musicians : 
Rafly (Vocals)
Agam Hamzah (Electric and Acoustic Guitar)
Jalu G. Pratidina (Percussion)
Adi Darmawan (Electric Bass)

Saat Syah (suling)

The band Rafly Wa Saja was formed in early July 2010.

It features Rafly on vocals, who also composed a lot of the songs and the lyrics in his native Aceh language. These songs carry within them, infinite spiritual nuances from the Islam faith.

The unique vocal character of Rafly’s voice has been an inspiration and an advocate of peace in his homeland of Aceh. He uses a special improvisational scat technique that is traditional in Aceh.

This is enhanced and complemented by the suling or Kalimantan flute played by Saat Syah.

The driving rhythm comes from Jalu’s percussion with funky bassist Adi Darmawan and virtuostic guitarist Agam Hamzah, also from Aceh.

This is folk music interlaced with an up-tempo jazz groove but the soul is from ethnic Aceh.

Exciting, Emotional, Exhilarating.

Photo Gallery:

RWMF2013 Rafly-PubPhoto1

RWM2013 Rafly-PubPhoto2

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