Nömadak Tx is a project by Harkaitz Mtez, De San Vicente and Igor Otxoa, Oreka Tx. These Basque txalapartaris had a dream: they thought up a project that was to mark a turning point in the history of thisunique musical percussion instrument. A Project based on their understanding that the Txalaparta is apoint of encounter, a means of communicating with others. They have travelled the world, using the Txalaparta as their vehicle and home, meeting musicians and discovering the reality of far away peoples, from Mongolia to Sahara, from Lapland to India. During their travels, they compiled visual and soundmaterial, with a clear goal in mind: to share this music, these sounds, these images, and these experiences. Their dream has now become a reality and all this material has taken the shape of a documentary film, a double CD, a DVD and two ground-breaking shows which we are now going to present to you.

This is music composed whilst travelling and, when we listen to it, we are invited to travel.

Oreka TX, accompanied by musicians gathered together for the occasion, included a saharaui and a mongolian singer, invites us to go on an inusual concert – journey, in a combination of music and on-stage images. The music played live is based on the sound track for the film “Nömadak tx”. Played live, the richness of the sound and the variety of instruments provides the Txalaparta with an unusual yet welcoming environment, an environment in which the Txalaparta can evolve towards new horizons.

The musicians play music created during their travels to India, Lapland, the Sahara and Mongolia, alongside other musicians who appear on a large screen. This screen, set at the back of the stage, becomes a huge window, to view and discover different places and different peoples. Experimentation and fusion are the tool of this new concept for multimedia concerts whilst cultural interaction is its goal.

Oreka Tx.

Harkaitz Mtnz. de San Vicente (San Sebastian, 1975) and Igor Otxoa (San Sebastian, 1973) have been playing together as txalapartaris since 1997, when Oreka Tx was formed. Since then, the sound of their Txalaparta has been part of countless projects and bands.

They joined Kepa Junkera’s band in 1997 and played with him for 10 years, performing in many different countries and participating in the records recorded over that period, including “K” which won the Latin Grammy award. They have shared the stage with groups and artists such as Carlos Núñez, Altan, Taraf de Haidouks, María del Mar Bonet, Hendirgarna, Susana Seivane, Dulce Pontes, Pat Metheny, Berrogüeto and Phil Cunningham.

Oreka Tx has also collaborated in record projects with musicians such as Alasdair Fraisier, Kepa Junkera, Phil Cunningham, Oskorri, Hevia and Gontzal Mendibil. Quercus Endorphina was the title of their first record, released by Elkarlanean (2001) and produced by Kepa Junkera.

Since then, Oreka Tx went on to offer concerts with its band and, in 2006, its second record was released with the title Nömadak Tx. Now, after a two-year break in which the group has been deeply involved in film work, attending festivals at which the film has been shown and preparing new shows, Oreka Tx is coming back on stage with Mikel Ugarte as a new Group member, a new formation and offering two original proposals: Nomadak Tx live; Musical Journey and the Nomad Tent.