Our dance troupe “Naygayiw Gigi” or “Northern Thunder” hails from Bamaga, the northernmost town in Queensland, Australia.

It is committed to the preservation, maintenance and revitalisation of the culture of Bamaga and SeisiaSaibailgal in the Northern Peninsula Area of Queensland. These being the people descended from the Mura Buway or 7 clans of Saibai Island in the Torres Strait and whose families have settled on the communities of Bamaga and Seisia and neighbouring communities in the Northern Peninsula Area of North Queensland.

The 7 clans are Samu, Dhoeybaw, Umay, Suy-Baydham, Thabu, Saibai Koedal and AythKoedal.

Traditional dance is the focal point of its’ holistic approach to address the rapid decline of the Torres Strait and Saibailgaw culture. The continued practice of the strong dancing tradition nurtures a new generation of performers and cultural practitioners. The medium of dance encompasses all cultural elements. Our children are taught dances, songs, stories, language, arts & crafts, customs & traditions, marine craft, genealogies, ecology and astronomy.

As a troupe that specialises in show dancing, we give opportunities for the experienced and talented dancers to finesse their skills to perform at an advanced level. It enables the choreographers to create and showcase their innovative choreography and dance style that Saibailgal are renowned for in Australia and beyond.

The dance performances tell traditional and contemporary stories, customs and daily life through movement, song and props. The current performance showcases celebratory ceremonies, gardening and battles with neighbouring clans and islands.

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