Just a simple jungle boy aspiring to be an eager warrior with a deft blade, but changed. Looks for the rhythm and rhyme in life; to find my real name. On the Path To Zero.

Performance Outline:

The magic behind music comes from the sense of rhythm and harmony that it brings. In this sense, music touches the soul.

At the same time music is about appreciating what is good and beautiful.

The music of the natives of Borneo comes straight from their soul and is inspired by their pristine natural surroundings. The tropical rainforest is harmony, beauty, and abundance, lending a natural truth to music from the rainforest.

The Sape in a versatile stringed instrument that evokes a deep and melancholic sounds that goes straight to man’s consciousness.

The approach taken in this performance is called “Etuu” or marking a rendition of a repertoire of traditional tunes and sounds blending with the amazing scenes of the tropical rainforest. Both elements of traditional and folk musical tunes are employed using the Sape, giving a sense of the Oneness of things. “Etuu” seeks to remind modern man of the need to understand nature and in doing so, to inspire him to conserve nature in its most pristine form, where possible.

This is multi-layered context where live music is played (innovated and grounded on the traditional sounds) before a live audience who experiences the real scenes of the rainforest in the video montage and the stage where the live music is being played is itself located within a real rainforest at the foot of the iconic Gunung Santubong, Sarawak.

Photo Gallery:

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