A fine tribute to the music & language of the Cajuns – Le Blanc Bros Cajun Band play the traditional music of southern Louisiana.

The band was formed in 2009 through a mutual obsession with authentic Cajun music. Geoff and Andrew Le Blanc (who are descendants of the Acadians) perform Cajun songs and dance music with energy and style. Accompanied by a band of fiddlers, double bass and Cajun triangle players, they present a relaxed acoustic concert performance to delight audiences young and old.

Cajun music, like its black cousin Zydeco, is much more than an obscure folk form. It is a living popular dance music that has evolved over the centuries to its current form. Le Blanc Bros Cajun Band continues the age-old tradition of playing Louisiana French music. From soulful waltzes to lively two-steps and Creole blues, their repertoire tells of good times and hard times – a clear reflection of the Cajun people. The songs are performed in Cajun French.

Seeking out recordings of the greats, travelling to Louisiana and meeting living legends of Cajun music has motivated band members to learn, practise and teach. Their many influences include The Balfa Brothers, fiddle players Dennis McGee, Wade Frugé & Canray Fontenot, and accordion players Nathan Abshire, Ray Abshire Lawrence Walker, Amédé Ardoin, Bois-Sec Ardoin and Marc Savoy.

Andrew & Geoff Le Blanc have been enthusiastic, active performers and session players at many festivals around Australia and the world over in the last thirty years including The National Folk Festival, Kelly Country Pick, Blackwood & Yarra Junction Fiddler Conventions, Harrietville Bluegrass & Country Music Convention, Woodford, Port Fairy, Nannup, Cygnet, Fairbridge, Newstead LIVE and Brunswick Music Festival, Tahora Festival (NZ) and Wellington Folk Festival (NZ) to name a few.

Le Blanc Bros Cajun Band is inspired to share with you their Cajun music and heritage.


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