Lan Dieu Viet has been involved in many festivals, including domestic and international ones.  The group has given performances in many countries over the world including France, Italy, Germany…etc

The members together with the band have won national medals for both solo and ensemble categories.

The band features 5 members who are all music teachers at Vietnam National Academy of music.

1.  Cồ Huy Hùng : Moonlute, base
Achievement: 2 gold medals in 1987 and 1992, and a first prize for Moonlute in 1998

2. Bùi Lệ Chi : monochord
A gold medal in North Korea in 2000

3. Nguyễn Hoàng Anh: bamboo flute
A silver medal and a National first prize in 1992

4. Trương Thị Thu Hà: Bamboo T,Rung
A gold medal for solo T’Rung in 2015

5. Associated Prof. Bui Huyen Nga
Senior lecturer in History of traditional music.