Three sape masters of Sarawak from the Kayan and Kenyah communities.

Mathew Ngau Jau, the Living Heritage from Long Semiyang and leader of the band, is joined by Salomon Gau from Long Ikang, and Jimpau Balan, son of the late Balan Asang who was one of the great sape legends from Belaga.

They are all also master dancers. Salomon was the Baram Warrior Dance champion in 2005.

With them, carrying the sape tradition into the next generation, is Alena Murang, who performed at  the Rainforest World Music Festival as a child, and is now back to be on stage with her tutor, Mathew.

As icing on the cake, they are joined by nose-flute player, Luyoh Anak Rawing – a young musician, determined to stop this instrument from dying out.


Photo Gallery:

RWMF2017 LanETuyang

RWMF2015 MathewNgau Lan E Tuyang