Korrontzi (Mungia, Biscay, Basque Counry, 2004) rank number 6 in “European World Music Charts” for the month of February 2014. The fact that Korrontzi reach number 6 in “European World Music Charts” is especially important for the band because this ranking has (and gives) international fame. The most popular radios have received Basque folk band Korrontzi’s new album, “Tradition 2.1”, with great admiration and affection. In this fourth record, Korontzi gives us a cosmopolitan vision, a Basque traditional music seen from the angle of a trikitixa merging with music from very different cultures and countries. Trikitixa is the heart and root of their music. There are sixteen varied songs always filled with the same cheerfulness. Flamenco mixed with fandango, Portuguese fado and porrusalda, arin-arin and Italian sounds, biribilketa and Galician music, Sicily merging with the joyful kalejira, Sardinia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Scotland, Asturias, Catalonia, France… Javier Limón was in charge of postproduction.

This experiment increased Korrontzi’s knowledge and skills at every stage of their prolific touring and helped the band,  under the supervision of Agus Barandiaran, become the most representative and singular Basque folk band and the ambassadors of Basque Country cultural legacy during the most famous folk festivals in the world. Korrontzi folk band is, in conclusion, a reflection on folk tradition with touches of contemporary rhythms which stretch their hands towards world music.