Kissmet is a spellbinding blend of Eastern and Western music that captivates crowds all over the world. They fuse Bhangra (Punjabi folk music from India) and Rock together to create something amazing, which instantly and effortlessly appeals to the masses. They take audiences on a roller coaster ride from the East to the West and back again leaving them breathless, exhausted and brimming with positive energy and the feel good factor. It has to be seen to be believed. Kissmet has performed throughout Europe, South America and Asia. Everywhere they go, they spread the word that it matters not what language you sing in or the style of music you use. What’s most importance is the positive vibe and energy you can generate by making people of all faiths, backgrounds, colours and creeds work together to create something powerful, infectious and very memorable.

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Kissmet’s gig at Rainforest World Music Festival