The meaning of the name ‘Khusugtun

The word khusug mean a cart of pastoral nomads. ‘Khusugtun’ means nomads, or more precisely people who move with carts. Moreover, the word describes the process of moving such as camel, horse and yak caravans, herd of livestock, and people guiding them etc.

Biography of the group

The group was established in March of 2009 with six professional musician, to promote and popularize Mongolian ethnic music. Besides the group, all the members are musicians at the National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble. Their performance usually consists of melodies of folk music instruments such as Grand Fiddle, Horse Head Fiddle, Bagpipe, Zither, Dzimbe (Drum), and Dombor (Stringed Instrument Resembling a Lute) etc, and overtone singing. Five members of the group perform A Cappella with overtone singing.

Since the established they have been very successful and already won several awards.

Grand-Prix Award in class Khoomii Ensemble, The international symposium and festival of the throat singing, Mongolia, May 2009

Gold Medal in the class of A Cappella, The World’s Cultural 3rd Olympic Games, Korea, Sep 2009

Grand-Prix Award, 4th International Throat Singing Festival, Russia, Oct 2009