Karinthalakoottam is an ethno music performing group from Kerala, South India. Injecting fresh life into traditional music Karinthalakoottam weaves performances filled with breathtaking musical energy. The group consists of 8 members. The songs they sing are of the working class and peasants. The songs they sing talks about the preservation of environment. They use traditional instruments like maram, chenda, thudi, vadichilambu, kuzhi thalam, otta, etc, and has tremendous energy on stage. They interact with the audience and keep the audience on their toes. The musicians generate irresistible rhythms propelled by the chenda, songs of the working class and ritualistic dances like Theyyam, Karinkali, Vattamudi, Kaalakali and some of Kerala Martial Art- kalari payattu. Karinthalakoottam the most popular traditional group from Kerala so far have performed at over 2000 shows in India and abroad. They have won several awards and state fellowship. They are desperately trying to hold on to their roots and preventing these music forms moving towards extinct.

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