Kapela Maliszów is a family band started and led by multi-instrumentalist Jan Mailsz.

The band is inspired by the traditional music of Beskid Niski and Pogorze, in South Poland.

Folk songs and dance music from Gorlice county is traditionally played with a violin, a basolia (a folk instrument similar to a cello) and a drum in, an archaic way with a great amount of freedom, joy and improvisation, not only reconstruction of old melodies.

The violin owned by the band leader used to belong to his father Jozef, who in the thirties of the 20th century played at wedding parties. Jan also inherited a drum made by his father in the fifties. The drum is still used by the band.

They call this music “Father’s notes”.

In the past Jan Malisz used to play for many years in a few local folk bands (e.g. Pogorzanie from Gorlice) and learned a lot of melodies from his older colleagues.

In 2013 they won “Stara Tradycja” (Old Tradition) Competition at “Mazurkas of the World” Festival in Warsaw.

In 2014 they took 2nd place at “Nowa Tradycja” (“New Tradition” Festival, organised by Polish Radio).In the same competition Kacper Malisz (15 years old, violin, cello, nyckelharpa) won a special prize “Golden Violin” for the best musician in the festival (!)

They’ve also taken 1st place at “Mikołajki Folkowe” 2014 Festival in Lublin . These two are the most important folk competitions in Poland.

Last year, Kapela Maliszów performed for the president of Poland Bronisław Komorowski.

Their music was posted on CDs which contained top polish musicians to promote Poland on WOMEX in 2013 and in 2014.

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