1 band
3 singers and percussionnist :
Thierry, Xan et Jamixel

1 language
Euskara (basque language), a natural choice.  It’s their mother tongue, with which they learned to sing. Euskara is also the language of the repertoire they chose to defend and revisit : traditional Basque songs.

1 state of mind
Freedom to serve the essential.
Kalakan bet on simplicity, elegance and a communication with his crowd generating and carrying emotions.

Meetings stories…
The meeting between Maurice Ravel’s Bolero andTxalaparta. Katia and Marielle Labèque, the famous pianists, engage two txalapartari (txalaparta players) to record a version for two pianos and basque percussions of the famous Boléro. The tour wich follows is the beginning of a beautiful human and artistic adventure. Katia and Marielle reconnect with their childhood
in the Basque Country ; Kalakan born and blossomed alongside its godmothers.

Thanks to Katia and Marielle, the trio first met Madonna on the Basque coast. After singing for her birthday, Kalakan is taken on the road by the diva for her MDNA Tour 2012. An intense adventure.

Those txalapartari share with the trio their love of life, music and txalaparta that they never ceases to evolve while making it known all over the world (documentary Nömadak Tx).
Kalakan will participate in their new multidisciplinary show : Herritmo

Photo Gallery:

RWMF2014 Kalakan-Pubphoto2