Joaquin Diaz’s enthusiasm on stage is totally irresistible. His light-fingered accordion playing and his infectious vocals drenched in Latin soul make this Caribbean maestro the best of the new generation of traditional folk merengue artists. His repertoire is a mixture of traditional and original tunes characterized by exhilarating rhythms. Diaz’s musical career began on the streets of Santo Domingo (in the Dominican Republic) when he was nine years old. At the age of twelve, this king of accordion was playing in the most prestigious Regencies of the capital. Still in his teens he performed at the Pan-American Games in Porto Rico accompanying the Dominican Republic’s Ballets Folkloricos. Since then his career has taken him around the globe performing at the world’s most prestigious festivals as a genuine ambassador of merengue music. If you need a lift to your spirit or just want to feel good all over, Joaquin Diaz’s music is all you need.