Geng Wak Long has expertise in Kelantan traditional art genres and contemporary such as Shadow Play – (Kelantan leather puppet theatre), Dikir Barat, Kelantanese Silat, Makyung, Tari Inai and several north-east Malaysia arts. Geng Wak Long is made up of family members originating from Kelantan and this group received training from the late Pak Awang Hamzah is – the first National Art Award (Shadow Play-Leather Puppet), Johor Ghazal music (the late Fadhil Ahmad – known as the King of Malaysia Lyre (Gambus), Pak Nasir Yusoff (Dikir Barat, Makyung, Shadow Puppet) Pak Hussin Yusoff (Main Peteri), Hamzah Yusoff (Silat Music, ReabanaUbi) Che Him (Silat), the late Rahim Jantan (Original Malay Music), Cek Mat Jusoh (Makyung Music), Anuar Ismail, Ibrahim Senik, Hamzah Yusoff, Razali Ayub and several other arts figures.

The founder of this group is Mohd. Kamrulbahri Bin Hussin , who is also known as Kamrulhussin or Wak Long (Wok Long in Kelantanese Dialeg) He was born in Kampung Banggol Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan (north-east Malaysia).  He started his journey from kampong boy to Kuala Lumpur and now almost half the world’s nations playing traditional and contemporary modern music. By using a pseudonym Wak Long & Co. or Wak Long Gang (Geng Wak Long), based on one of the characters who appear in the program Nasi Lemak Kopi O (the first band in the program in 2008) which aired on TV9.

Kamrul is also a guest musician in the making of the album and invitations escort for public concerts of local and Collaburation with international musicians such as Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza (Pop Traditional), Ramli Sarip (Rock), The Late Farid Ali-Mr. Gambus (Jazz), Dayang Nurfaizah (2006 Album Love), Raihan (Nasyid – 2006 AMIN Album), M. Nasir (Pop Folk), Reshmonu (2005 Monumental), Zalee Redang – 2000, NoranizaIdris (2005 Aura – Pop Traditional Album), Aseana Percussion Unit (APU), Taikuh Jikang ( Tokyo, Japan), Kuaetnika “Many Skin One Ryhthm”, Yoryakarta Indonesia, Visnu Mohambat (India), APPEX ARTIS , USA, SUN SON Theatre, Taiwan and many more.

He also was one of the musicians involved for the soundtracks of several local films such as PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG (2004), BAIK PUNYA CILUK (2005), QAISY DAN LAILA (2004), MANTRA (2010) and SENJAKALA (2011 – as a Music Director).  Besides that, he (vocals and music) are involved in manufacturing such as CALTEX RAYA (2003), COCA-COLA, and PETRONAS (2004).

Kamrul and Wak Long Gang has performed throughout Malaysia for the success of TV9 derivative programs; Apa Khabar Orang Kampung and Suarasa, as well as performances at the international level.  He has won many local and international awards such as the World Masters Award 2007 and 2010 in Korea, the APPEX Fellowship in 2006 (USA), and the Young Talent Award in conjunction with the 8th National Arts Award in 2009 by the government of Malaysian, the 2007 ASWARA Outstanding Graduate Award, was presented by the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia and UKM Campus Artistic Award 2002.  He also topped the Boh Cameronian Art Awards in 2004 and 2005 for best group and solo awards. In 2009, he won Rhythm In Bronze Group (RIB) and Let’s Go Mamak for the same award.  The latest award was the Selangor Young Talent Award 2011 for the category of performing arts.


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