Featuring the premier talents of the young generation, classically trained folk musicians in Finland and Norway, Frigg has developed a musical blend of their own. It has been called Nordgrass, which can be read as a word combination of their main influences Nordic folk and American bluegrass, or as a reminder of their straight grassroots attitude for making music. Energy, fun, humour, and interaction are Frigg’s most important virtues on any gig. And still, having finished five successful albums with several nominations for the best folk music albums of the year and ‘Top of the World’ appearances on Songlines magazine, the joy of performing live and giving the audience an energizing experience is what Frigg enjoy the most. They have five extensive tours in the US and Canada under their belt and keep going there every year. In Europe, they have toured both in shady clubs and bright concert halls as well as appeared at numerous prestigious festivals worldwide.