Epi was born 1968 in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). He grew up in a little village near the russian border. He studied at Music-Conservatorium of Ulaanbaatar from 1990 – 1992 and his teacher was the most known and best Moorin Hoor (Horsefiddle) player in Mongolia.

During his studies Epi already played in a Moorin Hoor quintet also in the Mongolian television to keep traditional Mongolian music traditions alive. Because of his familiar backround Epi is deeply rooted into the traditional and nomadic way of life that his people live in Mongolia.  (Epis father went into the steppe to raise horses, where Epi also lost his heart).  In 1993 Epi went to Germany for the first time. He went there with Altain Orgil.  During this first visit Epi and Rüdiger Oppermann met for the first time.  Together with Rüdiger Oppermann Epi played not only in Germany but also in a lot of other european countries and the USA. The last huge Concerts brought Epi to the Expo 2002 in madrid, Gran Canaria and Paris… and a lot more…

Besides Epi is a beloved guest musician and/or singer in different music projects: together with Peter Gantzmann he celebrates the Mongolian Hip-Hop, in a Duo Rainer Granzin he enjoys showing his jazzy side.  That way he was able to prove his ability to improvise in a world of modern music.  His interpretation of the Mongolian folk music lets him step between two worlds and wherefore his solo CD is named “Hoirr Öngö” (between two worlds). Epi was a guest musician on different CD studio recordings.  Epi the miracle voice from Mongolia is a wanderer between Cultures

With his play on the Moorin Hoor and the perfection of his Choomie singing Epis loves to melt his traditional roots with the modern and western cultured music in a brilliant improvisation.

After some tacts and tones Epi offers the smell and the beauty of the Mongolian steppe to the ears and the eyes of the audience. Epi lives in Karlsruhe (Germany) and is travelling a lot to share his passion (music) with the audience of Europe and the whole world.

Anyone who knows the funny, lovely, cheerfull way Epi is, knows that he regards also the small things in life and those obviously small things can take great effects on happy living.

Enkh Jargal Dandarvaanchig (EPI)