Imagine the melancholic sounds of an Er-hu, the strumming of a Lang Tin Tang, the melodic rhythm of a Rebana coupled with gongs, and the interlocking beats of a Gendang with a splash of Chinese cymbals. Now put all these instruments together and what you end up with is an amalgamation of ethnic sonorities, literally a melting pot of cultures.  La La Li La Tam Pong is made up of 6 unique individuals:

  1. Ang Eng Bok – main vocal, composer, Lang Ting Tang (Hokkien Yue Qing) player
  2. M.Sivasilan- Gendang player, backing vocal
  3. Tan Yean Chang – Er Hu Player, backing vocal
  4. Kasiman bin Basman- Rebana player, backing vocal
  5. Clarence Ewe -Chinese Aux percussions, backing vocal
  6. Rebby Sim – Aux percussions , backing vocal

Though, from different races and musical training they are united by their love for music and culture. Music that’s playful in nature as the name suggests and as they put it, “with every song we try our best to serve to you with a taste of Penang” with songs closely tied to old Hokkien songs and a respective traditional tune.

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