Chouk Bwa Libète is a traditional Haitian Mizik Rasin—roots music—band.

The source of their music is the essential elements of Haitian Vodou: rhythm and dance. These are the roots, torn from Africa, and secretly replanted in a new land. Their songs are a blend of traditional songs and original compositions by Jean Claude Sambaton Dorvil.

The drummers are unanimously recognized in the Gonaives’ Vodou communities of Lakous Badjo, Souvenance and Soukri as master drummers. Their knowledge of the pantheon of Vodou rhythms is encyclopedic, as Chouk Bwa Libète’s debut album demonstrates.

The dancers don’t perform choreography. Their movement relies on the same kind of deep knowledge of Vodou rhythm as the drummers.

Chouk Bwa Libète continues the tradition of groups like Boukman Eksperyans, Boukan Ginen, and Rasin Mapou de Azor. However, in comparison with its predecessors, the band has chosen not to add any other instrumentsin order to stay closer to the original elements of Vodou culture and music. The band’s repertoire is one of songs full of Vodou spirituality, but whose form is also very distinct from ceremonial music.

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