With CHET NUNETA, we stand in a field where you cannot separate tradition from personal creation, memory and imagination.  The music of CHET NUNETA is borderless : music and wanderings, which feeds on every emotion, every discovery and desire to go further beyond. It carries rhythmical subtleties and eclectism in inspirations (komi, pygmee, safarade, chinese, arabic), lyric melancholy or joy of improvisation; it is lifted by a jubilatory energy, a breath of vitality and contagious delight.  With words and sounds that know no boundaries, these singers are treading musical paths to detect the few marks of this mythical continent which used to united them.» – Sami SADAK, ethnomusicologist.

Four voices in polyphony supported by percussion. CHET NUNETA is exploring voice through traditional singings and musical creation.  An unrecognized language, a soon to be extinct dialect, the history of a people, a popular poem are starting points for immersion in a borderless continent.

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