Georgian folk ensemble ALAVERDI was founded in December, 2014. Consisting of four members, the ensemble is specialized in authentic Georgian traditional folk music. Alaverdi members are also members of ethno jazz band Iriao, and independently they work as conductors and leaders in different male folk choirs.

The ensemble repertoire includes traditional musical masterpieces and church chants from different regions of Georgia, starting from the very east to the west, and differs significantly according to its complication. Besides, the ensemble performs on the most traditional folk instruments including string, wind and percussion instruments.

In general, Georgian traditional music is one of the most exceptional cultural treasuries. Unique polyphonic complication and high level musical thinking can be distinctly met in different regions of the country. They completely differ from each other and together form a world significance cultural pattern, which has also been recognized by UNESCO, in 2001, as a masterpiece of oral immaterial cultural heritage.

The word Alaverdi is a purely Georgian word and represents the highest ancient cathedral in Georgia. It dominates the surrounding landscape in a fertile river valley against the backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains.

Ensemble Members:
NugzarKavtaradze – Vocals, traditional instruments
BidzinaMurgulia – Vocals
George Abashidze – Vocals
Mikheil Javakhishvili – Vocals