1Drum team 2017 is led by Drum Circle Facilitator, Shameer Bakhda (sAM) together with percussionist – Syahir Osman, dholi Keeran-D of Dhol Federation, multi-talented ethnic musician and graduate from ASWARA – Firlany Malik (Fir) and loud & lively Sonia Shah. Joining the team will be REMO Artist (Drum Circle) and Village Music Circles Certified Facilitator, Syed Ibrahim BHM from OneHeartBeat Percussions Singapore.

Young and old are welcomed to participate in a joyous musical experience. With drums of all shapes and sizes, 1Drum Circle is a great way to meet like-minded people, have fun and reconnect with your inner rhythm.

Bring along your musical instruments, dancing shoes, poi toys and join us.  No drumming experience necessary!  Drums will be provided for 100 pax per session.

Drum, Cause You Can!


Ryan Han

YoYo  Entertainer  Extraordinaire.

Sarawak Champion, Malaysia’s Top Number Two, and a yoyo coach.


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RWMF2014-Day-3-Workshop-Drum5 RWMF2014-Day-3-Workshop-Drum4 RWMF2014-Day-3-Workshop-Drum3 RWMF2014-Day-3-Workshop-Drum2 RWMF2014-Workshop-Drum RWMF2014-Workshop-Drum